Performance - Gauge Pump Pistol With Silicone Tubing & Silicone Cock Strap - Black

$ 35.95

The Pump Pistol Accessories Kit is the perfect upgrade for your pumping needs. Watch the vacuum pressure gauge move as your pump brings you engorgement and heightened sensitivity. The accessory kit also includes body safe, non-porous silicone tubing. Plus, the silicone cock strap delivers lasting engorgement after your pumping session ends. The Performance Pump Pistol Kit is compatible and interchangeable with other Performance pumping cylinders and accessories.


  • UPGRADE - Easy-Grip Pump Pistol Makes Pumping Simpler Than Ever
  • PROGRESS - Vacuum Pressure Gauge Helps You Maximize Your Progress
  • PUMP SAFELY - Quick Release Valve Is Easy to Reach
  • PLAY - Silicone 3-Snap Cock Strap Helps You Maintain Engorgement After Pumping
  • PEACE OF MIND - Made of Body Safe Materials. Contains No Fragrances, Phthalates, Paraffins, or Latex


Length:  inches
Insertable Length:  inches
Material: ABS