• Revel - Fuze - Pink

Revel - Fuze - Pink

1. BEEFY - Sized For Those Who Want To Be Filled And Satisfied
2. POWER TO GET YOU OFF - Most Powerful Vibrations In An Entry Level Vibrating Dong
3. PLIABLE - This Vibrator Conforms To Your Body To Reach The Special Spot
4. SOFT - Made of Soft, Latex Free, Fragrance Free, Non Porous PVC.
5. SIZE - 10" Length x 9.5 Insertable Inches x 1.75" Width

Insertable Length: 9.5 inches
Circumference: Width: 1.80 inches
Length: 10 inches
Product Weight: 10.5 ounces
Phthalate Free: Yes
Material: PVC
Battery: AA
Number of Batteries: 2

Instruction and Tips:
1. Clean with soap and water before and after every use. Pat dry with a soft clean cloth.
2. Do not store your product with other products made from PVC or TPE which are products made from soft plastics other than silicone.
Failing to follow this will result in your product “melting” as soft plastics react against each other after extended contact.
3. Start slow. Enjoy the moment and work your way to an amazing orgasm.

From our Revel line of economy conscious vibrators, Fuze offers more for your money. More length. More vibrations. More orgasms! At almost 10 inches Fuze will fulfill your every desire. Fuze's shape and texture stimulates you like few vibrators can. Soft and flexible Fuze will conform to your body for the most satisfying experience. Vibrations are controlled by a simple twist of the dial at the base. Requires 2 AA batteries. Not included.